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Looking out over the pond at Blooming Wands Farm.

Flower Farmer/Floral Designer, Bismarck, Arkansas
Blooming Wands Farm

Ordering flowers can be overwhelming and frankly stressful. Not to worry.

You are in safe hands.

I know about flowers. In fact, I love flowers so much, that I grow them.  

Your order is harvested and designed the morning of its delivery date resulting in the freshest seasonal flowers in the area.  

Weekly Deliveries
on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Image by Matthew Henry
Specializing in unique, personalized arrangements, small intimate weddings and special events. 
Dayna Carte, Founder of Blooming Wands Farm with a collection of her gorgeous sunflowers.

Meet the Maker

My name is Dayna and I am the Founder/ Creative Director of Blooming Wands Farm in Bismarck, Arkansas. (15 miles south of Hot Springs)

I am crazy about chocolate ice cream, big dogs, little goats and Chanel No.5. My idea of fun is either bush hogging my pastures or watching documentaries about science. I think success has more to do with audacity than talent. Love museums especially those with lots of sculpture gardens. Favorite author: Dorothy Parker


Favorite quote:

Every Blade of Grass Has Its Angel

that Bends Over It and

Whispers, ‘Grow, Grow.'”

Jennifer Anne Moses

Featured this Week

From Our Blog

FarmHer Dayna shares insights and helpful information in vlogs and blogs to help you with your own flowers and garden. Come back regularly to see the latest!   

Dayna Carter with Henry.
Dayna Carter brings her gorgeous blooms to the Hot Springs Farmers Market.
Dayna Carter and one of the beautiful great pyrenees dogs of Blooming Wands Farm survey the land and prepare for the next season

I am not just a flower farmer.

Flower farming is my bliss!

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