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Garden Design Consulting

A Space to Admire

Your home's beauty is enhanced when the view into your own yard is inspiring.  Drawing on our experience and talent at Blooming Wands Farm, we will come to your location to help you create the yard of your dreams. 

Our Services

Everyone has an idea of a garden.  A garden for some might be flowers, while another might love the various textures of evergreens or maybe one with fragrant herbs, so it is important to take a minute to think through the project.

What do you want to see when your garden is completed? Is it a flower bed or a front yard landscape? Is there a particular color or plant you love or perhaps a favorite herb?

Be honest. How much time and effort would you like to spend maintaining your new garden in terms of watering, weeding, and fertilizing?

The process is very simple. I schedule a home visit at your convenience, walk and measure the property and carefully listen to what you have envisioned.  I will then leave to start designing your garden. Within a week, you will be presented with a color-coded plan along with a list of plants and their estimated cost.

Elegant landscaped walk.

“We wanted a design that would look good year round.  We needed a combination of shrubbery and annual flowers to complement our older home in a heavily treed neighborhood.”

— Jennifer & Ed,  Dallas

Mixed variety of local flowers creates a burst of color and beauty.

“We just had this beautiful terrace put in but it just didn't look complete.  Dayna came in and created a design that is elegant and colorful.  We love it!”

— Mary Nan, Hot Springs

Herb Garden provides both beauty and also brings great additions to your kitchen.

Herb Gardens

I also offer consulting services for creating your own herb garden.  This might be an area in your backyard or even a collection of planted pots on your patio or windowsill. 


Working together, we will discover the different varieties and herb families that you want to raise.  I will then help you learn the proper way to plant, tend and harvest your herbs.


Many people enjoy having a herb garden not only for its beauty but also for the pleasure of raising your own herbs for cooking and personal care.

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