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Using Milk Jugs to Grow Stuff?

Winter Sowing: Your Guide to Growing

Stuff in Empty Milk Jugs

Winter can be a tough time for both gardeners and milk jugs alike. But fear not, aspiring green thumbs and dairy enthusiasts, because I present to you the most "udderly" amusing solution to your winter gardening blues: winter sowing in empty milk jugs! Grab your gardening gloves and a hearty sense of humor as we embark on this utterly ridiculous journey of turning trash into winter treasure.

First things first, gather those empty milk jugs. If you have been tossing them into the recycling bin like a responsible adult, it is time to channel your inner rebel and rescue those jugs from their impending doom. This winter, those jugs are not going to be added to the landfill but instead, they are going to be reincarnated as vessels of plant potential.

Prepare the milk jugs for their cozy transformation. Cut them in half horizontally, leaving the top half as a snug hat for your seeds. Think of it as a stylish winter beanie for your plant babies. Fill the bottom half with soil and sow your seeds. Presto! You have just created a milk jug masterpiece that's equal parts functional and utterly adorable.

I used a roll of electrical tape as a weight so I could fill it without it tipping over.

Label your jugs with a waterproof marker. Most markers claim to be waterproof but cannot endure the harshness of rain, ice, snow, and wind. I ordered mine from for under $10. I know you think you will remember what you have planted but you will not.

(IMPORTANT: Before you fill it with soil, poke drainage holes in the bottom of your milk jug.)

Now place your milk jug planters in your yard according to the type of conditions they love such as sun-loving (marigolds) or those that prefer shade (impatient). I put mine against a building so that they will not fall over, or the dogs do not run over them while wrestling in the yard.

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