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Lazy Gardening 101

How to Plant Bulbs and Still Have a Tulip Extravaganza Next Spring

Are you a self-proclaimed lazy gardener? Do you dream of a beautiful spring flower bed but can't muster the energy to break a sweat in the garden? Well, you're in luck! We're here to show you how even the laziest gardeners can plant bulbs this month and still enjoy a glorious tulip display come spring. So grab your gardening gloves (or not) and let's get started on this low-effort gardening adventure!

Step 1: Choose the Right Bulbs

Tulip bulbs ready for planting

First things first, let's select some tulip bulbs. Lazy gardeners, pay attention! We recommend going for the largest, healthiest bulbs you can find. Bigger bulbs mean less work for you, and they'll likely produce more impressive blooms.

Step 2: Location, Location, Location

Now comes the hard part—choosing the perfect spot in your garden. Lazy gardeners, this is where you might have to exert just a tiny bit of effort. Find a sunny spot in your garden that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. It's the least you can do, really.

Step 3: Digging a Hole (or Not)

Bulb planting made easy

Traditionally, gardeners dig holes to plant bulbs, but who needs all that hassle? Lazy gardeners, here's your shortcut: use a bulb planter tool or simply dig a shallow trench with your foot. Drop those bulbs in and cover them with soil. The depth should be about three times the height of the bulb. Don't worry too much about precision. Tulips are surprisingly forgiving.

Click HERE for link to Bulb Planter

Step 4: Watering (If You Must)

Watering is an essential step in gardening, but we're going for the laziest approach here. If your area experiences regular rainfall, congratulations! You can skip this step entirely. However, if you feel like putting in minimal effort, give your newly planted bulbs a good soak after planting, and then forget about them.

Step 5: Forget About It

Gardner relaxing and waiting for spring

This is where lazy gardeners truly shine. The best part about tulip bulbs is that they pretty much take care of themselves once they're in the ground. You can go back to your Netflix binge-watching, napping, or whatever other lazy activities you enjoy.

Just let nature do its thing.

Step 6: Spring Surprise

Fast forward to spring, and you'll be in for a delightful surprise. Those bulbs you lazily planted months ago will burst into bloom, transforming your garden into a colorful wonderland. You'll be the envy of your neighbors, and they won't even know how little effort you put in.

Filed of tulips blossoming in spring

Step 7: Admire and Take Credit

Sit back in your favorite gardening chair (or lounge indoors) and bask in the beauty of your tulip-filled flower bed. When your friends and family shower you with compliments, be sure to nod humbly and casually mention your "green thumb." They'll never suspect your lazy gardening secrets.

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