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February To Do's

Spring is fast approaching! Here are some quick to-do's to be ready for planting!

Step 1: Soil Samples

Dig up soil samples and take them to the Garland County Extension office. You will need to get 5 cups of soil from various areas of your property and indicate on the form what you plan to plant in that area. It is free and you can pay a few dollars more and they will give you the percentage of organic matter in your soil report.

With this information you will know what will grow best in different areas and what additional supplements you may need to add to your soil and plants to help them flourish.

Step 2: Trees & Shrubs

Timing is key when trimming trees and shrubs and your window of safety is closing. Now is the time to safely trim trees and shape your shrubs.

If you have especially tall trees on your property but don't have the equipment to safely trim the trees on your own, find a knowledgeable tree service who will know how much to trim off and can also help you identify any areas of disease that might need treatment.

Step 3: Seeds and Plants

Gather up your seed and plant catalogs to start planning.

Determine what plants will be planted in each area and the timing for planting each item. A detailed drawing may be helpful to determine quantity of seeds or plants that you need.

Order your spring, summer, and fall flowers and crop seeds early to be sure they arrive on time.

Step 4: Grass

Take a good look at your grass and see what areas need to be reseeded or even replaced. Also assess what type of fertilizer you should use based on the type of grass you have planted and other factors like soil and weather.

Schedule time to reseed where needed or arrange to have someone deliver sod for installation. Determine the best time to fertilize based on weather and be sure to follow fertilizer with the proper amount of watering to ensure maximum results.

Step 5: Tools of the Trade

Inventory your garden tools to see what needs to be replaced or purchased. Watch for sales at your local stores to shop for the best deal. Clean up last year's tools so you are ready to begin!

Stay tuned for more tips on month by month To Do's!

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