We Got Your Goat

Blooming Wands Farm is home to a herd of more than 30 Nigerian Dwarf Goats who are known for their rich and delicious milk.  Here at the farm, we use their fresh milk to create exquisite custom cheeses.

We also have an active breeding program and have goats available for sale most months of the year.  It is important to remember that goats are very herd oriented and always need another goat for companionship.  Single goats have been known to become depressed to the point of physical illness.  We always make sure our goats are going to a home where they will have a goat buddy! 

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Spotlight on the Herd










Stay Tuned for our new arrivals -- due any day!

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About OurOperations

Our goats are raised on Blooming Wands Farm near Hot Springs, Arkansas.   Nigerian Dwarf goats are known for their intelligence as well as their high production of milk that is rich in butterfat and perfect for making cheese. 

We are available to consult with others who are interested in starting their own herd (regardless of size) or may need assistance in understanding the best practices for raising the Nigerian Dwarf goat.  

If you would like more information please contact Dayna at 501-326-0346.