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Enjoy weekly farming tips from FarmHer Dayna. 


Dayna shares her farming knowledge and valuable growing insights with a sense of humor and encouragement for all who want to experience the joy of the land.  In addition to her growing tips she also provides helpful information on raising Nigerian Dwarf goats. 

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You can hear Dayna's tips first on Facebook (BloomingWandsFarm) 

Based on popular demand we've added this page so you can access any of her past tips! 

You are certain to find helpful information for your own farm or garden!  


2022 Season Coming Soon

FarmHer Dayna will be back in Spring of 2022 with more great tips from the Blooming Wands Farm! 

Stay tuned! 

2021 Season 

4th of July Hydrangea Bush

The Healing Comfrey Plant

Heirloom Tomatoes

Bee Balm

Berry Bugs

Bells of Ireland

Low Cost Zinnia Seeds

Gnarly Tomatoes

Trimming Berry Plants


Cinnamon Basil

Tomato Roots

Mexican Petunias

Planting Peonies

Pin Cushion Flowers

Buying Perennials

Dahlias in the Fall 

Killing Weeds Organically

Soil Testing

USDA Zone Map

Using Landscape Paper

Weeds in My Flower Beds