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Our Story

I am a flower farmer, goat cheesemaker, copper artist and abstract painter. I grew up with horses, cows, chickens, freshly picked vegetables and homemade ice cream on our third-generation family dairy farm within the city limits of the resort community of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  As a teenager, I longed for a completely different experience – an opportunity I found in Fayetteville at the University of Arkansas, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

After graduation, against all the cautionary advice of my professors, I moved to New York City to begin my career in the world of advertising and publishing. After a decade of working with some of the biggest names on Madison Avenue and the publishing world I was eager to try my hand at yet another career. So I packed my bags and moved to Dallas to enroll at The Art Institute of Dallas.


Even though I sought work as a writer working my way through school, I continued to get jobs in nurseries and florist. It was after art school I began to make and sell my copper crosses along with the seasonal assignments as a photo stylist for the Dallas Morning News in the Home & Garden Section while working full time at a florist.

BWF March 2023 (7).png

An opportunity to move back to my hometown unexpectedly opened when I received a commission to create 7 copper fountains for the Arkansas Flower Show. With no studio to create such large pieces I packed my bags and moved back to Hot Springs and worked in my parents 3 car garage.


This move was completely unplanned as a career move. But one thing lead to another and 10 years ago I built a small dog trot house made of corrugated metal in the rural community of Bismarck (30 minutes south of Hot Springs) where I run a 2 acre flower and vegetable farm, make chevre and feta from the milk my small herd of Nigerian dwarf goats provide, gather eggs from a small flock of chickens and a studio to create my copper crosses, metal yard and abstract paintings.


“Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I spent a lifetime looking for the happiness that had been right in front of me all along, here on Blooming Wands Farm.”

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